Six lives. One night. Asymmetry chronicles the halting first steps of three fledgling relationships, as six damaged people fumble for intimacy and balance. Sandy and Miguel struggle to recover what, long ago, might have become something beautiful; Julius and Priscilla reach out to each other, frantically seeking a way through the protective walls they’ve built around themselves; Maggie and Cody share an affliction, but fight against their very different views of life. Each of these broken relationships comes to a head in one night, in the same physical space, each couple unaware of the others even as their stories intertwine.



Neidra Williams
Jehan Bastians



Neidra Williams
Mohamed Adamaly
Shanaka Amarasinghe
Michelle Herftbr
Celina Cramer
Devinda De Silva


Production team

Naresh Anthony
Trinushka perera
shayen yatagama
Julion Anderson


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