Sherlock's Secret Life


An old and rather bitter Dr. John Watson takes you back to London of 1865 and the intriguing residence at 221 – B, Baker Street where the once young and happy Sherlock Holmes transforms into the serious balanced minded man that solved many mysteries. A young mysterious woman is brought to Sherlock Holmes by Inspector Lestrade – she has lost her memory and cannot remember who she is. But is she who she says she is or a dangerous spy sent by a mysterious force to topple the British Government? Added to this is Professor James Moriarty a highly intelligent man bent on recruiting Sherlock Holmes or destroying him. Is there a connection between the lovely, mysterious woman and the professor?



Anurudha Fernando – Old Dr. Watson
Shanaka Amarasinghe – Sherlock Holmes
Neidra Williams – Mrs. Hudson
Viran Corea – Inspector Lestrade
Andre Perera – James Moriarty
Kanishka Herat – Dr. John Watson
Roshni Gunaratne – Ms. Marianna ‘Smith’
Avishka De Alwis - Sergent Bellingham
Lauren Williams-Bastians - Molly



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