Blood Money


Seven years ago, Mike Mason, Star of TV’s “Bargain Basement”, and his wife Liz killed young Carol Mitchel in a hit-and-run car accident – and now it seems they have at last been found out. A mysterious telephone caller claims to be Carol Mitchel and her name appears in blood on the wall; Liz is certain she has been followed; then a car draws up outside the house and shots soon ring out … is Sue Thompson, the pretty neighbour with whom Mike is having an affair, implicated in any way? Is Dr Julie Campbell, who treats Liz at a centre for alcoholics, involved? From devious twist to shocking turn, blood money is a roller-coaster of a thriller, keeping the audience guessing and the tension mounting right up to the final curtain.



Neidra Williams
Shanuki De Alwis
Andre Perera
Liza De Jong



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